Minehead, specifically Butlins @ Minehead

SomersetSouth West

This is where I spent the worst holiday of my life June 2004. It is *full to the brim* with C***s and their c**v relations. Grannies and Grandads included. Moronic ‘Ingerlaaaaand’ shirt wearing toerags and their wives/girlfriends and various kids from various relationships, in their mini-tart/mini-lout outfits. Lovely.

Junk food and Cheap booze everywhere. The manners in the dining rooms were appalling, and the catering of the poorest quality served by the bucketload to greedy c***s. I talked to some staff who said c***s would come and take 4 or 5 portions each of the desserts each so there was none left for anyone else. Charming. Some c**v parents were serving their little children fizzy coke for breakfast! What responsible parents.

This place is particularly popular with vile Brummie C***s who like to leave their tv on and argue all night so we can hear it through paper-thin walls.

If your idea of a good holiday resort is one full of people drinking lurid alcopops, flesh spilling out of their football shirts, whilst puking up chips and lager to the accompaniment of brawling brats and karaoke, In a town full of £ shops, & off-licences selling white cider and Breezers then this is the place for you!

I came home with a stomach bug caused by the vile food and dirty c**v hygiene.

Never again.

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