ClevelandNorth West

all i can say it is the LOS ANGELES of the north for its awfull culture, no wonder its in an area with an identity crisis, the c***s are even infecting the law abiding outer suberbs due to the local mayor asbo ing them from the local bells store and day and night stores, the roads are gridlocked with cars without tax and mots talking their little precious c***s to school before embarking on a big shop at netto and aldi, shopping mecca for c***s is morrisons at berwick hills (aptly nicknmaed beverley hils) were it most be the most densely populated area of burberry, mckenzie, most cars have been customised the local c**v my ride specialists g force styling, coulby newham is fast emeging as the home owning c**v central with the local tesco being a big focal point, c***s blight even the local north yorkshire countryside in the summer with a trip to great ayton – once boyhood home of captain cook were they light up their disposable barbercue and get obliterated on their 24 pack of carling stored neatly under the 6 week old babys pram scaring the ducks and being great ambassadors for the town, if you are thinking of coming to the ‘boro’ of even the rest of so called teesside, dont bother stop at stokesley and have high tea.

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