ClevelandNorth West

mmm.what can i say, a chav mecca at the moment, greggs the baker has  shops on  what seems like every street corner, with lots of vicky pollards hanging about with her fella to whom she has damnated another sprogg to the welfare state, baby bonds vouchers are no used to chavs in the boro unless they are instantly redeemable at usc or kwik save, apparently there is a new gallery opening soon its nicknamed the parmo – palace of art for real middlesbrough offel, chavs will avoid it unless it has an in house macdonalds.  netherfields local bells store actually sells a cheap version of lambrin! no chav in boro is seen without it its called lambretta! chavs are even infecting the once respectable areas or marton, ormesby and nunthorpe, the local hostillaries are full of john wayne styling scroats who want to pick fights with anyone who does not have the burberry identikit. bmw ( boro mans wheels) around hreg is the must for any chav, usually parked in the disabled bay at the local morrisons, please do not challenge these species for violating the parking stipulations or you will get the retort, what u fookin lookin at? yoos dont no what happened to me! roughly translated – i want to fight you as i am a lazy chav and would take great pleasure in having a fight with your law abiding tax paying upstanding citizen posterior. i could go on but even hemingway would tire. safe to say, unlees you want the low life pleassures in life – women of the night, high crime- bleak industrial views, the most amazing gridlocked road per population density outside london – then stay away- you have been warned.

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