Marnhull (Dorset)

DorsetSouth West

If you want me to sum up Marnhull in two words all i will tell you is its a s**t hole. Marnhull is a very small place with a small population of people but at night you hear the roaring of cars and loud laughs of c***s heading down the park. All the c**v s**m stand there in there social groups. No skaters goths or anyone in fact would dare think of heading down there at night, the kids park is over taken by drug users/sellers and the skate park is filled up the with the younger c***s drinking and acting hard around the older c***s. The skaters are forced of there own territory (skate park) and punk and goths fear to go out for there own safety…well that and thats the only place where they can get away from them. i really dont if its because they think there “wellard” or that its “well cool” either way they just look like complete and utter arseholes, and i think you will agree with me when i say they should all imagrated to a small bare scorching desert island with nothing but tomato puree and a toothbrush surronded buy 40 miles of shark infested ocean! Its what they deserve nothing but good old fasioned LABOUR! Then the world would be a better place where skate punk and goth ruled the wourld and parents could live without fear of ther childrens safety. THANKYOU FOR READING THIS.

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