Lydney WAS a quiet little town on the edge of the forest of dean, until **** mania boomed. ***** have invaded Lydney in full force since the young offenders institute (although it has aptly been aliased a “residential home”) was built in the centre of town. The ***** started there invasion in the alley ways and car parks at first, but have taken the local skate park and now use the shelter of the 1/4 pipes fot their chavish deeds. Since they invaded strongbow bottles can be found every where on the streets, the ruver is filled with lost burberry caps and ***** now feel free to pull their knifes out on people. Modded cars have also suddenly appeared on our small roads, and the number of accidents has increased so much! We have addopted a new saying locally which is “Find a ****, **** it up, then all day you’ll have good luck”, I should hope this spreads. People have always spoken of the forest of dean as haveing a somewhat unorthadox and dodgey gene pool, but lloyds pharmacy and the NHS should be sued for the allowance of these abominations to enter the gene pool. ****-eructus… more like ****-erectiledysfuntion! If anyone has any **** removal ideas please visit Lydney and at leased get the skate park back, and allow the big brother like cameras that hae been placed since the invasion to be taken down!

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