GloucestershireSouth West

What a ********! I knew a girl from there years ago, all she was interested in was shagging, I don’t think she had any brain cells. My first recollection of the place was the bus station as that was the way I first came to the town, if you can call it a bus station, more like a couple of  Nizzen huts stinking of piss. All the houses were council houses, full of out of work yokels, snotty nosed kids who hadn’t seen a bar of soap in their lives, and teenage pregnant mums with half a dozen kids. The houses had mud slicks not gardens, full of dog ****. And that accent, absolute **** accent if ever there was one, I cringed every time any one opened their gob, but it was worth it just to empty my nut sack in the tart, I could guarantee that if I was ever in need of a shag then she would lie back and open her legs, it was like ******* a dummy – she just lay there and let me get on with it. I hear she now has half a dozen kids all with different fathers.

Top 10 worst places to live in England 2020