LancashireNorth West

******** of hell and paradice for druggies and *****!

The small quite town of Longridge looks quite ordinary to the normal preson.

Unfortuantly after the courts close the streets become filled with ******* ****. The everyday shops and chippys transform into **** gang turf and the imbred little ******* fight it out for the love of the chavet. The little retards then move on to the spar where on Fridays marshall law is enforced to keep the people of Longridge safe from the easilly distracted little *****. When day breaks the one’s who make it back to their coffins in time are spared to go collect their benefits so they can buy some more gold plated bling. Fortunatly the rise in street racing has attracted the ***** to play chicken in the road, acting as speed bumps for the unwitting driver.

If you are ever confronted by ***** there are safty measures.

1.) if you have any tinfoil throw it in their general direction, this will keep them entertained for hours.

2.) shoot them and this will gain you a medal and an oppertunaty to stand in parliment for such great service to the country.

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