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**** Invasion!

I visit lichfield sometimes – i live in sutton coldfield. It is usually pretty civil in the town – nice park, that skaters and ‘normal’ people visit. But apparently its being **** invaded. All it takes is a few of the gormless idiots to go there and they are like sheep… They all follow!

The ring leader is usually the little midgit with a big gob who everyone bums off because he has a ‘solid’ brother. But overall lichfield is a fairly decent place. Its ashame its starting to be invaded.

How grim is your Postcode?

Its easy for the ***** to get to lichfield. A few stops on the train – and because they’re all so very very hard (they can ‘hop’ da train and shout out loud their plan if the scary ticket man comes) – Pathetic!! Cant they afford a quid for the bus?!?! – Sorry what a stupid question!! Of course they cant!

Its ideal for them in lichfield. They have some nice park stuff to vandalise. Not forgetting the basketball court they can take over and gormlessly lean on the posts smoking their **** intimerdating anyone feeling brave enough to try and play basketball with them losers standing there. In the town itself there are only small areas between both sides of the street, so the lazy little low lives only have to ‘bowl’ a few metres before they can intimerdate their next victim.

In the local McDonalds by the market, there is always some friendly teenager who gets no better pleasure during the day than to sit there giving you her best shot at ‘evils’. But i took them more as a gormless ‘Will you go out with me’ kind of look. Flattering i know, but a gormless tart attempting to show her cleavage really isnt my type. Moving on through the town theres plenty of small little game shops, in which their ‘crews’ of 39 people can walk in leaving a very worried look on the shop keepers face, and an empty look on the shelves of the shop.

So enjoy the peace and quiet whilst you can, because i have a feeling the ***** are soon going to invade!!

Also – Just a word of warning to all you market stall owners – KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR ANY IDIOTS IN TRACKSUITS (They’ll stand out from the crowd) WITH WANDERING HANDS – (no not with their mingin girlfriends) ONTO YOUR STALLS!

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