Leicester, Land of the ****

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Leicester, A shining gem of an ancient roman town.
Leicester is a beautiful town laden with ancient architecture a rich and interesting history and of course… braindead *****.

Leicester, originally built by romans around 1500 years ago used to be a market town and commenced in trade with neighbouring towns and was of a fair strategic importance, Now of course most of the ancient monuments have been spray painted in such delightfull and colourfull words such as :

“Brown woz ere doin da **** 2003”

How grim is your Postcode?


“Paul krew iz in da house”


The typical **** can be found wandering in a pack of around 5 others usually drinking a bottle of white lightning cider ******* around leicester’s main point of reference, and meeting place for locals “the clock tower”

Typical **** attire consists of a burberry cap, nike trainers, white socks with a pair of adidas tracksuit bottoms tucked into them and usually some form of nike/adidas hooded top (of which the hood is usually over the peaked cap)

The places and times to avoid them are the city center around 8pm untill 4am friday to saturday, this is the time when ***** ritualisticly gather to use bus shelters in and around the surrounding area for protected ***, and typically harass people who have done nothing to provoke them, Local law enforcement is also heavily populated by ***** and so the law does nothing to prevent any bad deeds the ***** do.

There is however a rebel movement forming, who will forcably remove this **** scurge an ***********, like a wound upon the face of humanity that has become infected, this rebellion will erase the ***** from existance, like an antibiotic that destroys invaders within the human body, the **** population will be removed.

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