My night Out in Leeds.
Firstly i start off in a pub having a few drinks then what do i see three ***** walk in and blatenly they are underage. There they are with ther nike hats and swinging gold jewelery there rockports with tracky bottoms on. Then they go to the bar and get asked for ID. After this one picks up a chair and throws it across the room that is the sort of behaviour you get from *****. After this i am finishing my pint and then a stone comes through the window (All this because they did not get served for a drink).

After this i head into town with my friends i am standing at the bus stop when a group of youths are walking are way and they were the biggest ***** you have ever seen one was wearing a burberry hat, had many piercings on his face, a fred perry jumper, tracksuit bottoms with them tucked into his socks and some nike shox.When the group walked past i looked at one then he said in a deep “put on” voice “what the **** you looking at ****” and i thought who are you saying that to me punk. “Chaver ****”

Eventually i got into town jumping between nightclubs seeing ***** on the way when ireached majestic i was queing to get in when a **** in a fred perry shirt and sum black trainers was rejected because he wa wearing trainers. He thort he would try he luck starting a fight with the bouncer. “as if he had a chance” The bouncer just slammed him against the wall and he was escorted away by the police

How grim is your Postcode?

When i got inside i was dancing like you do and this girl i was dancing with of course had a boyfriend. He walked over pushed me in the stomach and i was winded. You should of seen him he wa huge. With loads of lines shaved in his eyebrow with piercing on his face and i thought signs of a ****.

Eventually i got home and thought in the morning that was a nightmare being surrounded by *****.

Top 50 worst places to live in England 2022 as voted for by you

By day it’s a bustling shopping city, friendly enough, nice places to go to. By night it’s a **** town laiden with vomit, empty bacardi bottles and shouting twunts with a *** in one hand and the latest Jentina single stolen from HMV in the other hand. These charming people piss next to the kiosks in Leeds station, mock people entering the Corner Exchange and run out of **** clubs with vomit oozing out of their fowl mouths.
A popular past-time amongst these **** packs is drunkenly walking up to thirteen year old girls in the train station and asking their parents if they can shake their hand, they then stumble away sporting their Leeds United strips (Leeds are the favourite team of chavsters, violence, Lee Bowyer it’s a **** dream team).
Little do they know that they will end up like the bums pissing into White Lightening bottles that they hurl bottles at at two in the morning. Please destroy this city.

Top 50 worst places to live in England 2022 as voted for by you