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My night Out in Leeds.
Firstly i start off in a pub having a few drinks then what do i see three chavs walk in and blatenly they are underage. There they are with ther nike hats and swinging gold jewelery there rockports with tracky bottoms on. Then they go to the bar and get asked for ID. After this one picks up a chair and throws it across the room that is the sort of behaviour you get from chavs. After this i am finishing my pint and then a stone comes through the window (All this because they did not get served for a drink).

After this i head into town with my friends i am standing at the bus stop when a group of youths are walking are way and they were the biggest chavs you have ever seen one was wearing a burberry hat, had many piercings on his face, a fred perry jumper, tracksuit bottoms with them tucked into his socks and some nike shox.When the group walked past i looked at one then he said in a deep “put on” voice “what the f**k you looking at twat” and i thought who are you saying that to me punk. “Chaver scum”

Eventually i got into town jumping between nightclubs seeing chavs on the way when ireached majestic i was queing to get in when a chav in a fred perry shirt and sum black trainers was rejected because he wa wearing trainers. He thort he would try he luck starting a fight with the bouncer. “as if he had a chance” The bouncer just slammed him against the wall and he was escorted away by the police

When i got inside i was dancing like you do and this girl i was dancing with of course had a boyfriend. He walked over pushed me in the stomach and i was winded. You should of seen him he wa huge. With loads of lines shaved in his eyebrow with piercing on his face and i thought signs of a chav.

Eventually i got home and thought in the morning that was a nightmare being surrounded by chavs.

Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in North East, United Kingdom, Yorkshire

Kensington of the North, The UK’s Milan and England’s Barcelona are just some of the names used to describe this up-and-coming former textile town in West Yorkshire. Personally I prefer scally riddled s**t-tip. True, the bourgeoisie glory of parts of the city centre is a sight to behold, however this is a cruel aberration. Just a bricks throw from Harvey Nicks and Louis Vuitton lies an altogether much darker side. Designer chic gives way to Kappa shite. Aston Martins are replaced by souped-up Novas and bulldog-faced fat slags and their smack-head boyfriends replace the long-limbed beautiful people of the cities Milanese arcades. If ever there was a case of a sows ear masquerading as a silk purse, it’s Leeds. Underneath all the rhetoric and the snooty bars, Leeds is chavscum central. Dare to venture into the city centre after dark and you get to see the real Leeds in it’s awful, head-stomping, blood stained glory. Inebriated fat whores, eff and blind their way from trashy bar to trashy bar, while rodent-faced arsewipes hurl obscenities at couples leaving the numerous swish restaurants. Amidst all the mayhem, dozens of crackheads hide in darkened alleyways waiting to pounce jack-the-ripper like on unsuspecting revellers. A night-out in Leeds is truly a must for those case studying gratuitous violence and depraved sexual conduct. Come daybreak after all the older chavs have smashed and vomited their way home, the younger breed of chavs venture out. The delightful neighbourhoods of Beeston, East End Park and Gipton are the perfect locations to see these particularly vile specimens. Twelve year old trollops resplendent in their Lizzy Duke earrings and Mr T chains, stuff Gregs pasties into their offsprings chocolate covered mouths. Meanwhile demonic gangs of stick wielding hooded scumbags prowl the streets looking for old folk and students to rob and throw in the nearest canal. Yes, Leeds has a unique and altogether more terrifying mutation on the urban chav, the psycho chav, and be warned, these can be female as well as male, although I use the term ‘female’ rather loosely. Bump into these c*nts and you’d better be able to fight like a Rottweiler with trapped knackers or run like cheetah with a banger up it’s arse. Damien from The Omen has nothing on these arseholes.

  • Mike

    I’m from Leeds originally and returned after living elsewhere for 10 years. Is it possible to compare the number of chavs you see in Leeds city centre with any other major city in the UK or indeed Europe? I think that would be an extremely tough task. There have been shopping trips I have made to Leeds town centre where the only people who did not look like inbred chavs were university students, who understandably keep to themselves, get what they came to town for and bugger off back to Headingley as soon as they can – and who can blame them. Chavs in Leeds are as mean and narrow minded as they come. If you look middle class be prepared to be called gay in the street – and count yourself lucky that was all you got. Chavettes who make up 90% of the Leeds female population don’t think a man is masculine unless they are built like a bouncer and preferably covered in tattoos and ignore all others as though they are invisible. If you want to make money in Leeds set up a fake tan stall in Leeds market. After dark the city centre isn’t down to earth – as Leeds prides itself as being, it’s downright scary. Fist fights, teeth on the pavement, packs of men with IQs of well under 70, packs of girls, ditto. For all the flashy banks and law firms it’s still the same working class sh*thole it was 40 years ago and it “in’t going to be anything else, pal.”

  • Chloe

    I live in East End Park and grew up opposite Halton Moor.
    I am happily married, have bought my own house and have never once claimed benefits. I have worked since age 16, have a degree AND a Masters Degree and have a good job.
    So please, have a think and do not generalise. I get along with anyone and yes some people are d**kheads but everywhere, even the ‘posh’ areas have them.
    Does people living on my taxes annoy me? Yes, but this is not particular to Leeds!
    I think Leeds is great and always look forward to coming back when I am away

  • Godhelpme

    I’ve lived here for 6 years and it really is awful. I’m moving away shortly. I keep thinking “everywhere is the same” but it’s just not true. People from Leeds generally are rude, racist, violent working class peasants who would rather stab you in the face than say “good morning”. Deprivation is no one’s fault but it doesn’t take much to have some decency or manners. I’ve seen muggings, murders, burglaries and rapes since I’ve been here. Leeds is where the London bombers made their bombs, where Jimmy Saville (Britain’s worst sex offender) was wheeled through the streets to applauding masses, and where the Yorkshire Ripper did his bidding. I once reported benefit fraud to Leeds City Council and was told to mind my own business (literally, I was). I once reported a thief who I saw running from Boots with a load of stolen goods and was told by the 999 operator that it wasn’t an emergency. The city is run by a mix of Leeds locals (as mentioned above – generally violent, hard faced racists) and cocaine riddled 25 year olds. A truly vile “city” with no culture, no history and nothing going for it.

  • LS19 LAD

    Everyone is judging Leeds on all the rough areas such as chapeltown, harehills, belle isle, Middleton, seacroft etc. has anyone actually been to the nice areas such as: rawdon, horsforth, bramhope, guiseley, Yeadon, Otley etc?

  • Holly

    Stupid twat you have no idea. Have you seen the nice parts around the north west? There probably better of than you!!

  • Louis H

    i live in Leeds and it is not as bad as you are saying it is that is just the City Centre which is where the chavs go to do that stuff. The chavs only come from the places like Beeston, Gipton, East End Park, Seacroft, Chapeltown, Swarcliffe and Harehills. please do not genralise all the people who live in Leeds as chavs because not all of us are.

  • cleckyy

    i was born in leeds (morley ) for 6 years and ye i wear hoodys and trackys, i have 2 uncles in Brodford ( cleckheaton) they are called jack and james and they r in gangs (big ones) so stop saying sh*t because we will find you!!!!!!

    • frightend

      Shut up you sad little prick,get off your lazy fat arse and get a f**king job you uneducated dole scrounging parasite scum,…….what a c**t unberlievable

      • Louis H

        finally someone that sees people like that tramp (cleckyy) like i do. cleckyy it is you that causes people to write things like this about leeds.

  • whocares

    The truth ? I have lived in east leeds all my life. It’s suffered a lot since around 2010, dysfunctional parents with equally dysfunctional offsprings have brought the area down. One can’t blame kids, we were all young and in a different age we were taught by responsible parents how to behave, sadly this isn’t the case nowadays. Equally responsible are private landlords, letting out their properties to whoever , so long as they get their rents, regardless of who them rents come from. I suppose its typical of all big cities, the streets are filthy, laden with rubbish and dog crap, the pubs are no longer, the shops all closed, kids as young as 8 walking the streets way after dark, as late as 10, whilst who knows what their owners are doing.

  • Leon Bright

    Even though this thing was created yonks ago, I feel I should chip in to stand up for the city I live in. I’ve lived in Leeds a long time now, and I’ve got more good things to say about it than bad. For a start, the city centre is class! I’m not keen on the top end of the city eg. Merrion Centre, Oceanna and Yates’ area because it is a little chavvy. But the bottom end of Leeds near Call Lane and Clarence Dock, Brewery Wharf, Granary Wharf etc is really nice and obviously have a better quality of people living there. There’s countless bars and restaurants and clubs etc. Plus they’re redeveloping the centre as we speak, there’s some new builds and shopping centres being built that look really cool. And a lot of the people in Leeds have something going on with their life, people with drive and ambition who make the city a better place. There’s so much opportunity in Leeds, you just have to open your eyes. Yes there’s sometimes fights on nights out etc but where does that kind of thing NOT happen? It happens everywhere and there’s loads of places that are far worse. There are always going to be people scrounging off benefits anywhere you go, that can be changed eventually I’m sure. As for the suburbs ie Beeston, Chappel Town, Harehills yes they look a bit rough and not looked after but there are still good parts in every town. Just gotta look at things with an open mind. Stop seeing the negative, start seeing the positive.

  • You are a silly polish bastard kryzstof or whatever. If you dont like leeds that much, and your just taking us for what we got, then f**k you too. W**ker. I love my city!!!!

    • Emma Royd

      its a f**king sh*t hole,its cold,its dirty,the people are all thick plebs,its SHITE full stop,stop lying to yourself ya Yorkshire peasant.

  • Krzysztof

    Yes the ficking basturds,Im loving here very mush as I comes from Poland and hav bin here for lots of years now and ams a great supporter of Leeds unitid footballs clubs.Its has a great hopitals beeter than Polands as Polands do not hav any tastey free alcholic handwash disinfectants that I lik to drinks when I hav not enouf moneys to go to pub.The houses estates ar just lik in Poland, that I lik to,plenty of fightin like when I was in Chechnya,I kill 3 men with my bear hands,snap there ficking nex like a fickin chickens ha ha ha the basturds,nobody ficking mess with Krzystof.when I was in Chechnya I drive in armoured personell carrier with the machine gun rattta ratta ratta tattttaaaata shoting arms legs and heds of the fickering bastards such happnes fun.Now I am safe and hapy in Leeds,I have council flats and lots of three sicknesses money like all my Leeds fiends who liv here,my neighbours tell me as soon as I move in they say Krzystof dont look for a job,dont be stupid you silly man,go to doctors and get sick notes for life like us.So i do,and here I am,happy.I have a hampster to caled Chico and he has a wheel he goes around in all day.All the peple in Leeds are very fiendly peple most are true Yorkshire peple from Pakistan and India and lik Yorkshire dupplings.Cider in big spastic bottles is wht evryone seems to drink here,go into any house in Leeds and it is full of emtey cider bottles and lovely drunken fat p*ssing heads.Evry one also likes to take drugs and wear baseball hats to,and beet there wives up after getting p*ssed a old Leeds traditon I believ going way backwards.Other peeples who cannots get sicnees benifit go to college for as long as posssibles to avoid workplace or join a religious cult.That is why I love Leeds and I will kills anybody that says Leeds is a sh*t place to liv,I will ripp there heads of lik in Chechnya snap ther ficking nex like a chickings.

  • Will the media please give the Working Class a break?

    Firstly, I would like to say that I live in Leeds, and it is a city that I love. I would also proudly class myself as ‘working class teenager’, or to use your phrase ‘chav’.

    And to be honest, I’d rather be called a ‘chav’ or a ‘p***y’ than to be the sort of person who created chavtowns.co.uk, because I’d a more genuine person, unlike the creator of chavtowns.co.uk who underneath the trendy middle class exterior, is nothing more than a hateful plastic robot.

  • Your mum’s rectal matter

    wow. Are’nt we getting in a tizzy that the streets are’nt lined with caviar.

    • Krzysztof

      if I finds oot who they are I will snip there heds of like a chicken like i did in chechnya the basturds

  • Jengaman

    Leeds is sound. Lot less chavs than Hull, bit more chilled out and less fags than Mancs and much much nicer than scruffy Liverpool. There’s a good mix of people and areas. To be fair the ‘posh’ shops and bars in the city centre have actually killed the vibe of the city. Compare the Corn Exchange 15 years ago to now and you’ll know the difference. There was once a thriving alternative scene in the city now the council and their posh developments have sterilised that. Still a nice city though and I love living here.

  • Jill Rush

    I have lived in Leeds all my life (50 years) and love the place. I do agree there are a lot of chavvie looking youths hanging around but that is the governments fault for not providing enough for youths to do and the fault of bad parenting. I live in East End Park and my street is clean and tidy, as are a lot of others in my area but you always get people who don’t care or give a damn about their surroundings and they let us all down. The shops on York Road near where the old Victoria School was, are an eyesore and I feel embarrassed at all the litter people throw into the street. That aside, you won’t meet friendlier people than Leeds 9 ers.


    ive read some of the comments left by some so called ex leeds people ?? who have left our great city for no other reason exept they had no friends because they had no personality so left to go to a city such as hull,or grantham or grimsby which matches their boring personality,so stay away and dont come back to leeds this great city doesnt want you back. leeds people will treat you how you treat them,we like a laugh and the crack,you wanna f**k about ? lets step outside ! its all up to the visitor of our great city of which you are a “guest”


    The worst parts of Leeds are Alwoodley, Adel, Cookridge, Shadwell and Scarcroft – too many scarfers and jester hat wearing non fanatics, or even worse – rugby fans

    Places like Miggy (LS10 lad myself), Belle Isle, Seacroft, Bramley, Beeston and Halton Moor are full of top lads and true hardcore fanatics.

    Best place in Leeds though is Elland Road – although it’s hard to get in because of ticket prices, but you’ll be sure to find many young future fanatics in the JC bogs – I’ve spoken to many

    If Bates spent the money he charged for tickets and hot dogs on the rough areas everywhere would be alright


    • LS19 LAD

      Feel sorry for you mate. First you live in the roughest part of Leeds and then your a Leeds fan?!

  • Dylan

    Leeds is a serious dive. I got out four years ago and I’ve never been happier. Every time I return to visit friends/relatives I can’t believe how bad it’s got. The redevelopment of the city centre has pretty much stalled and most of the locals have brains the size of an amoebas bell-end. Why do all the chavs in Leeds race each other, with their heads down, pushing pushchairs containing p***y-faced brats at high speed? Place should be f**king fumigated.


      thats great wisdom there coming from a boy whos named after a dumb animal from a childs television ! and where do you live now dylan?in a wendy house with andy pandy by any chance,get a grip and stay away from leeds nobody here likes you ! your BORING

    • leeds4eva

      I dont think its right that u say that leeds should be fumigated as i hav lived here since i”ve was born 13years and you say that there r chavs everywhere and by the way i am a local and if you must know i hav got all A’s and B’s so i think you should shut up because you have no right now if you have nothing nice to say dont say it at all you probably had problems in leeds because no-one liked you now goodbye MR DYLAN DODGEY DOTS

  • Vicz

    I don’t think Leeds is really that bad. I’ve lived in Seacroft since I was born and, truthfully, barely anything happens. Yeah, there’s fights sometimes and the odd car or two getting knicked, but there’s no full-on gang violence/crime. Plus, Killingbeck Police Station is just up road. I think, when you’ve lived here, you get used to it. You’ve got to be a bit more aware and ‘tough’ than you would have to be in, say, Halton, but otherwise it’s sound. Got mates all over Leeds; Gipton, Swarcliffe, East End Park, Halton, Colton, Cross Gates and, honestly, it’s alreet. Only thing is Leeds is quite popular with smoking Weed, but it’s not the only city in the UK that does it. Unless you’ve actually lived here and not just ‘walked through’ or ‘visited’, you don’t actually know what it’s like. Not all Leeds folk are Chavs, and we’re not brutes either. We don’t take no bullsh*t, but who does? You be nice to us and we’ll be nice to you. Simple.

  • Odu Nebambboozulubum

    Its not fair I want to see a soliciter………right now …I no my rights

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By day it’s a bustling shopping city, friendly enough, nice places to go to. By night it’s a chav town laiden with vomit, empty bacardi bottles and shouting twunts with a fag in one hand and the latest Jentina single stolen from HMV in the other hand. These charming people piss next to the kiosks in Leeds station, mock people entering the Corner Exchange and run out of chav clubs with vomit oozing out of their fowl mouths.
A popular past-time amongst these chav packs is drunkenly walking up to thirteen year old girls in the train station and asking their parents if they can shake their hand, they then stumble away sporting their Leeds United strips (Leeds are the favourite team of chavsters, violence, Lee Bowyer it’s a chav dream team).
Little do they know that they will end up like the bums pissing into White Lightening bottles that they hurl bottles at at two in the morning. Please destroy this city.