Lancaster(ASBO THE 902)

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Oh well here goes,I’d like to make it funny but although it’ll be a boring read,what happened isn’t funny just goes to show what the c***s are like in the place i live (ok so im actually from Morecambe a place rumoured to be much worse but this is worse than anything thats ever happened to me in Morecambe)

A Few months ago,me,my boyfriend,and three of our friends decided to go into Lancaster for a night out,to celebrate two of my mates finishing there exams.It was still light by the time we got in so we decided to watch the sunset from The Priory and have a drink or two before heading into the town centre later.
After about 20 mins,we were approached by a C**v lad ,in the usual uniform of trackies and baseball cap who asked us if we had any drugs to sell.We replied no,and he went away.
This being typical of the people round here,we thought nothing more about it,untill the next moment two others appeared and began chatting quite normally to us,telling us they were “The 902 Ryelands Crew” (a council estate notorius for c***s)
All of a sudden,they punched my boyfriend in the face,and started shouting that we were on their turf,and all sorts of obscenities to me and my two other female friends.
Before we could do anything, more came running down the hill and starting kicking and punching my boyfriend and my other friend “bob”(who’s a guy).
I screamed at them to leave us alone but they just called me a “f*****g bitch” and punched me in the face,before knocking my boyfriend and “bob”unconcious.I went mad and hit one back but two of them grapped hold of me and another punched me and as i fell to the ground more attacked me.
This must have been going on a few minutes before i saw that my other mates had disapeared (to get help i hoped)
I saw my boyfriend come round,and as this point the c***s seemed to have gone back up the hill,i ran to him, trying to help him up,When once again they attacked kicking at us both.
After a few more minutes they ran away because the police and an ambulance arrived,My friends returned.
“bob” was in and out of counciousness and carried my my two other mates,with a bloody nose,and i had to half drag my boyfriend who was also in and out of conciousness.

It was only later in the ambulance i realised that they’d also stolen my phone from my bag.
The bastards gave me two cracked ribs,a dislocated jaw,a smashed up ear and broke my glasses in two,”bob” and my boyfriend were worse off.

Just an example of C**v culture where i live:
(sorry to have been so long winded)

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