Isle of sheppey

Kent… The garden of England, one of the most beautifulist places in England to be infact. But with gardens comes unwanted things, the one part of your garden you avoid. This is the isle of sheppy. The island (thank god its that) is off the coast of kent and is a spawning ground for townies. There is a site fr this **** hole…

Visit the site to see what **** they have there. I actually have the misfortune of owning a caravan on that god forsaken island and i try to avoid it as much as possible with all the peasents that roam there. If you ever visit it, make sure you carry a gun or something cos if you’re walking down the road you’re bound to get “what ya say about me mum ya ******?!” …”I’ll ******’ deck ya, ya greebo ****”

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Admin note: There’s a more up-to-date guide to the Isle of Sheppey here:

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