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I agree with the opening posters view of Hull, it is a first class ******** and thats all it ever will be.
I was fortunate enough not to have been born there so I do know the difference between good and bad, the cause of the degeneration of that particular cesspit lies firmly with the so called fishermen of yesteryear when it was a bustling fishing port, the fishermen were ignorant oafs who knew no better and encouraged their offspring to follow in their footsteps with the females going into the fish factories, I mean, what did you need an education for if that was your aim in life? those same children are now the grandfathers of the uneducated **** that prowl the streets today, everything from the top down is rotten in Hull, to say that there are some good people there is like saying there were some good Nazis in Germany during the second world war.
Other places mentioned like Portsmouth, Rotherham and Middlesborough as being equall to Hull are way off the mark, I spent time in all of those places and can honestly say those people feel sorry for the “hully gullies” but only because they have never been there.
Those who try to defend Hull are the ****** that these posts are aimed at, it is a manky little hovel that the gene pool has forgotten and never likely to revisit, to call that **** ******** is a compliment.

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Top 50 worst places to live in England 2021

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