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For those who may not have heard of this coastal town situated in the top left-hand corner of Wales, Holyhead really is a Santa’s grotto for those who might want to do a spot of chav-spotting…That having been said, don’t expect Holyhead chavs/chavettes to have the average chav IQ, because they most certainly fall short of even that.
Holyhead chavs love nothing more than to “hang around” any type of premises that attracts normal everyday people, in the vain hope that they may get told that their attire is “smart, yeah!”.
Woolworths, in the town centre, has long been known as THE place to stand around outside and, of course, verbally abuse anyone who dares to so much as glance in their direction.
The evenings see under aged chav heroes relocate to loitering outside Bargain Booze..here you have every chance of actually being asked by some 14 year old chavette to, “Go in there and get us a big bottle of white cider, will yu?”. Naturally, a refusal will see reactions ranging from mild to absolute demonic.
Holyhead has recently acquired some posh-nosh for Chavs..namely McDonalds! From breakfast to closing time you can watch Chavs of every age partake of their favourite nouveau cuisine.
The Hibernian nightclub, previously known as the Exchange, is an absolute must for all chavs and chavettes, and unless you yourself are in chav-type
clothing and speak in sentences of grunts ending with the word “Yeah?”, then this place should most certainly be given a miss.

Holyhead chavs are in a league of their own, believe me. Do not expect a Holyhead chav/chavette to aspire to the heights of the average British chav, ie no car, and little or no bling jewellery. The Holyhead chav hoardes really are the cheapest of the cheap, with an amazing range of fake chav brand names..this only makes them look more apt to riding the 4:30 at Haydock park.
Holyhead is, to all intents and purposes, a very ugly and depressed town…Made all the worse for it’s chav society which does nothing, in any way shape or form, to give the town any redeeming features.

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