I have read about other towns on this website but as far as I am concerned NOTHING prepares you for what you face when you pull up in the train station that looks like it belongs in the depths of hell.

You start to become suspicious when you get off the train and you either get abused by a gang of nine year old *****(girls and boys),get abuse from their parents who are usually with them smoking weed and drinking white lightening, get asked for money by smack head tramps who look like Fagan, or step in a load of dog ***** that seems to blanket the whole town. I would take the long route round in the fresh air,as using the connecting tunnel to the town will see you either stepping in a load of piss,  on dirty needles, or on a couple of teenagers shagging amongst the piss and needles (nice). Remember this is before you even get into the town!

Walking into the town reminds me of being Dorothy at the beginning of the Wizard of Oz, totally grey, but unfortunately that is where the similarity ends. The town is full of charity shops where big,fat,sweaty women stand outside smoking and swearing, while their greasy perverted husbands stand in the bookies farting and scratching their arses. Their kids look like something out of Oliver Twist with their filthy faces and ****** features. Everyone in this town is related to someone else, as you will find out if you ever get into a fight with someone and twenty people come after you with knives and bats!

How grim is your Postcode?

God forbid if you have a different accent,as this would make you stand out a mile and get you beaten up before you have had time to get out of there. I have had the misfortune to live here for a while and while I have now seen the light,I am still haunted by images of my **** neighbours who made my life hell with their drunken parties, endless streams of ****-type men, spilling onto the street with shouts of ‘I am harder than you, and my mothers brothers uncles aunties cousin is gonna ******* do you’. The **** teenage daughter with the face of Vicky Pollard and a body to match shouting out ‘****’ to anyone that passed, and her mother egging her on. At least I have one consolation,they are going to rot in that god-forsaken place,and believe me, god has completely forgotten this **** tip.

My advice? Keep the **** away, you really do not need the experience!

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