High Wycombe, yet again

I know you may be fed up with hearing about this dump, but i felt that I too, must tell the world about this disgraceful town.

Situated 28 miles from London in Buckinghamshire, you wouldn’t think this town could be such a ********……
But it is! The only reason the ****** tory council/MP gets in is becuase of the surrounding posh wannabe villages, but Wycombe itself, overall is a northern labour voting industrial town somehow misplaced in bucks. Not that this is a bad thing in some respects, because it makes a change from the middle class stuck up towns in this area….. but Wycombe is just too far the other way.

There was an acurate description of Desborough given in another opinon and yes, it is a true dump, full of delapidated victorian terraces. The prostitution on Desborough Road never really gets sorted no matter how hard the council and police try, and neither do the gang fights and robbery. Still, maybe after Iceland gets ram raided another 40 times, somebody may take some action.
I’m surprised to see nobody has mentioned the Castlefield, Micklefield or Bowerdean estates yet. These places are truely rotten with many benefit claiming ****** addicts housed in them.

How grim is your Postcode?

A particular mention should be paid to Castlefield. It appears to be the favourite place to house immigrants, and some streets are “white no-go areas”. This place is like a third world country with litter strewn streets, daily stabbings, decaying 1930’s council houses, and dumped burnt out cars on every corner (aswell as hostile gangs). The local park is covered in graffiti saying “mother ******* honkies out” and other such lovely comments. The whole estate is monitered by CCTV because the situations of drugs knives guns and racial tensions have grown out of hand, but the area still appears to have the highest crime rate in the south east, and is covered in racist graffiti and boarded up houses. There are many ***** in Castlefield, just becuase they aint English doesn’t mean they can’t be *****! They are just as bad with their drug habits, and voilence.

Micklefield, on the other side of town is not quite as bad, and houses a friendly afro caribbean community, and less friendly white community. Both have a chavvie dress sense, however, and appear to enjoy gun crime and gang fights.
The “rudeboiz” dresscode is usually:
soveriegn rings on as many fingers as possible, have a flat-peaked cap pearched on their head at a strange angle (WHY?????) ****** traksiuts sometimes hoodies with hoods up (presumable to disguise themselves so they can get away with the crime they are about to commit) stolen nike tn/airforce one trainers or for the posher ones baby blue timberland boots with fake evisu jeans.
Rudegalz dresscode: Slicked back gelled hair/ gelled into side ponytail, sometimes fake Von Dutch caps, the gold clowns weren’t that common here at first but now seem to be a favoured **** item, aswell as the big hoop earings with silver disco ball blobs on the end – nice! Then either tee -shirts with collars up and baggy trackies, or very low cut tops and mini skirts.
Ofcourse, “innit” is quoted at the end of every sentence, and other words are used such as “safe, bredrin, heavy, buff” etc. and a pass time is taking the piss out of educated people “cos they’re bent innit”.

The town centre is a dump aswell, and needs tarting up, and yes, the mental health patients need rounding up and keeping in one place, hopefully out of the publics way. I have experienced some problems with the tramps and mental cases including a man shouting random abuse and jumping up and down on the spot, and a woman cowering in a corner under the flyover near the octagon shopping centre, making strange barking noises at anyone who cared to pass. And yes there are quite a few attempted suicides on the High Street, (I wonder why). And my friend was mugged whilst walking along Desborough road toward the town centre in broad daylight.

Overall the place is just a large pile of **** in a valley in the middle of the Buckinghamshire chilterns, just where you would expect a nice town, why is it here????? The **** population is definetely on the increase and will soon be level with Slough’s.

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