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Godalming is a gathering place for the local ****** who either pub crawl or booze it up on the streets. ***** wander godalming iching for a fight, hunting down the easiest target. They hurl abuse across Godalming in hope it will spark a fight. At the end of the evening they pick up a fellow ******** from the kebab house and go to inter- breed. Often the ******** finds herself up the duff mainly caused by lack of protection. If you happen to be a ***** who has blagged there drivin licsence Godalming highstreet is a place to rally your pimped out ride, shouting rude remarks and spitting at people. The nova seems to be the popular choice of car and why you would want to show off a nova is the qwuestion that springs to mind. The tacky neons and bassy systems that vibrate the car down the road wheelspin round the corners.
These trash like to pinch the oxfam bags, push over bins and smash the toilet windows after a night out at one of the many rough bars. Generally these ****** have flocked from the surrounding council eastes such as arons hill and farncombe to congregate in godalming. Many of these ****** have asbos (anti-social behavior disorders) to there names and are banned from guildford for causing a fight in Yates or edwards. It is not uncommon to find the whole family out together in spoons, loving the cheap drinks.
Anyway it has come to my attention that godalming has turned into a dump and that you can no longer walk down godalming highstreet without getting started on.

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