Gillingham, Priestfield

THE home of ***** and *********, and the original ***** (their parents).When i say priestfield i mean all roads surrounding the football stadium. You can often see mothers sitting on walls in their gear from primark, swigging the bottles of diet coke that obviously is not working in aiding them with weight loss, Hair usually bleached but still showing roots piled as high as possible on top of the head. discussing who her **** daughter is doing this week, you never see the ***** dad as usually they dont know who they are, it all depends on who the neighbours would like to say it is this week.

The delightful mini ***** of priestfield can often be found running up an down the street instead of at school (supposedly ment to be at the doctors or dentists again) in their addidas trousers and nike trainers bought cheap of the market, if your lucky enough you might see one trying to write its name on walls benches or cars (assuming they can spell it).

Priestfield is the home of the ******** she is seen with her pink parka and wannabe rudeboy in tow. she often answers to “oi *****”. as for the gold clown she has one in every size bought fom the local pawn brokers, along with her big earrings that even her style icon beyonce would be proud of. she even has shares in maxfactor as she looks delightful with bright orange foundation and big red cheeks, and not forgetting the trademark white eyeliner which apparently is needed to make her look older to get into amadeus.

How grim is your Postcode?

Then there is the football club itself, the fans are ***** all sporting their fake burberry caps and scarves, only to be outdone by the staff in the shop. Supporters have managed to get a ticket on monday morning once they have visited the post office, followed by a quick trip in the shop to see what they can nick and be served by yet another bleach blonde with earrings down to her shoulder who calls out “yeah luv, wot ya lookin for mate” assuming she is not busy filing her false acrylic nails which she got done in one of gillinums many nail bars.

Most ***** and ********* have a desirable education from their special needs classes or home tutors as they have been excluded from school, but a proper education is not essential as they see how well their mums do on the dole, failing that most ***** have an ambition to become a hairdresser.

All the Priestfield *****/ ********* dress and look the same due to the lack of shops in the ever so popular Gillinum high street,

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