Frome. World Class C**v Hangout

SomersetSouth West

Frome. I thought C**v towns couldn’t get any worse than Portsmouth. How wrong I was.
Not only are nearly all the under twenties c**v s**m, but most of their parents are as well.
If you come to this town to check out the World Class C**v Population go to the following “venues”
The Wheatsheaf (late nite young c**v Stella hole)
The George (For the older, more discerning c**v)
Level One (Fromes premier nitespot, C**v Mecca)
If you want to immerse yourself in C**v culture, as well as drinking in these beautiful environments you can also get a top c**v job at Permaframe (for the record, everyone that works there is a C**v, even the girls.)
The prospects for the c**v in Frome are endless.
Should they ever hold a C**v Olympics I would like to put in a bid now to hold it in Frome.

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