frome – somerset – **** hole

isnt frome’s slogon…..Frome, its a wonderful place…dont be fooled…

jesus christ. i only go to frome to get drumming equipment on the odd occasion or maybe even go to the cheese and grain for laugh and what do you see no doubt around every single corner?!…..a ******* **** with his girlfriend whos about 14 with a little baby in a push chair having a go saying the usual **** thing “What the **** are you looking at?!” they all usually cluster around the car park and the library with there **** in there townie mouths and there fake or cheap nike townie tracksuits they got there parents to get down the market. everytime ive been, theres two or three gangs of like 20 just looking and eachother and shouting abuse at one another. any people in the middle get the **** beaten out of them or abuse for no reason. you feel like shouting get a ******* life you chavy trash. but then if you said that they’d ring up there 20 year old mates to add to the hundreds of people they’ve already got. the 20 year old ******* would come flying round the corner in there very predictable Vauxhall ‘novas’ with mega bass pumping out the speakers. and there half done blue and red paint jobs. so after this stage you realise your not going to win so you know, ******* leg it else your completely ******. ‘Frome, its a wonderful place’

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