Frome – is revolting, boring and ******!

SomersetSouth West

Frome on the somerset/wiltshire border is heaving with *****. 35,000 of them shoved into a sesspit 2 miles wide at its widest point. it really is a ********.

let me break it down for you

Town Centre
******** with *****, crawling with wildlife (**** and ferral cats), ****** and expensive shops – and 2 somerfields within 200 yards of each other.
Night Life
consists of going to a selection of grotty and overpriced pubs, starting a fight, shagging your cousin or sister on the steps of the wheatsheaves, getting a stringy kebab from the charcoal grill, spewing it all up, starting another fight, going to guinnies (will get to guinnies later) and brawling later.
Pubs abd Nightclubs

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The Market Car Park
***** on wheels cruising for their *******
this is the place where you frequently get the **** ****** making noise in their cars. they spend loads equipping them with cheap tacky accessories from halfords to impress their cousins and sisters in the hope of getting laid.

thats all there is to frome really. it is a commuter town full of **** redneck ****** twatts.


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