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Well where do i start. The town centre. You’re bound to get a reel of abuse from a bunch of sock-over-trousers and slouchboot-wearing *****. However you may be lucky and have skaters walking past you. If you move to broadmead village then im afraid you’ll have a smashed window within a day. This place is a mini Chatham{Chavham}. Dallasbret IS **** city. If you want to be mugged, assaulted etc. then this is the perfect place to come. If you are living there and are a skater,emo etc. then dont go outside{a bit of advice for Tone}. Luckily thats the main places covered. But this town is a slightly smaller Southend-on-sea and for travellers with skateboards is a bad area to go. Now we come to the conclusion of this harrowing report so my last words will be…
**** OFF THE *****!!

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