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Cant believe no-one has mentioned FLEETWOOD before! This ****** town is just a few miles north of Blackpool and it shows!
As my boyfriend says, Fleetwood is sponsored by Mothercare. Unfortunately for him he has been living in this chavtastic town for the past 4 years. He lives at the ‘good end’ of town, but knows several people from the large council estate at the other end.

**** teenagers hang around outside KFC, on the main park or around the church in town. Fleetwood isnt well known for its nightlife, iv been out here a few times! The routine is the local pub (the Kings) followed by Harlequins (grotty nitespot playin only scousehouse!) I remember gettin asked for I.D. while several 15 year olds walked straight in (obviously i wasnt chavved up enough!!!)

The town centre consists of one long street with several baby shops, discount stores and clothes shops (everything under a tenner). The jobcentre recently shut down (obviously couldnt cope with the demand!) and several boy racers scream up and down the main road with their young girlfriends holdin on for dear life! Unfortunately for the boy racers trams run down this main street and often stop their antics!

How grim is your Postcode?

Until now i didnt realise the extent of the chavness until i was fortunate enough to attend a party on the council estate with my boyfriend. I have never felt so out of place!
The girls there were either pregnant (and gettin drunk) had a kid running around the garden or were in the process of making one (a couple of fourteen year olds far too close on the sofa!) A 2 year old child cried when its mother took a half empty beer can from it (she then proceeded to pretend to pour some of its contents into the childs bottle to keep it quiet!) Music blasted from the house as more and more people arrived to eat sausage rolls, drink Lambrini from little plastic cups, and smoke various quantities of cannabis!

As I said I cant believe noone has nominated Fleetwood b4, its totally chavtastic!!!

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