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Anyone who’s ever visited this little p***y town will tell you that it is the chav capital of the world. Population 10000, 9000 parts chav!! The younger chavs tend to habituate the recreation ground on a friday/saturday evening and you are sure to find a burberry clad p***y choking lying motionless choking on his own white lightening induced vomit!! The older chavs frequent the hole in the wall pub on same nights, dressed in usual chav attire they attempt to down as many stellas as possible before congregating around the local kebab shop for a good old fashioned core up (faversham chav speak for fight). The chavs who are sober enough at the end of the night may bunk the train to canterbury to head for the biz nightclub (if the can afford the 5 pound entry fee, poor bastards these chavvies). You will find many of them will walk all the way home from canterbury to faversham as none drive and no friends to offer lifts. The pikeyest of the bunch will get a cab home and leg it without paying.

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