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This is the second time i have posted this, but the first was in reply to a faversham thread, however i did not think irt would get enough people reading it, if anyone wishes to send me a message saying how wrong i am, how obviously unintelligent i am not to realise that these people you’ve never spoken to to or know anything about are really the **** of the earth or anything else please feel free, i am going to go answer the door now to my friend Nathan, who is probably drinking a can or beer and smoking a roll up, and yes he probably is wearing his prison issue shoes and TN hat, I think he is probably bruised and battered from a fight he got into last night, i think he’s here to get teh recipe for rockcakes off my mum and for me to help him with his reading.

I think that you are all making yourself look completely ignorant and **** by the way you stereotype and judge these people.
Everything that has been said has been completely exagerated and im disgusted with how people make faversham and its population look when i doubt a single one of you have ever even talked to any of these “*****”.
I am 17 and I come from faversham and am probably friends with most of these peopel you are talking about, probably some of the “worse” ones, the druggies and car theives and such like.
Do you have any idea of the backgrounds some of these people come from? Or would that just be another point of riducule? That these kids have grown up in care or have been abused? Funny isnt it?
Now I’m someone who’s grown up in a background of festivals Bob Dylan and The Small Faces, however that does not make me a snob to any of those that you may consider “The lower class of citizen”
I’m utterly appalled that people could be so vilely judgemental!
I agree that some of these people can be as bad a you say, but that does not mean to tar them with all the same brushes, what about the christian “geeks” that turn around to my gay best friend and tell him he will end up in hell? Something which me “******” frinds would never dream of doing.
Yes you say they will shout at you in the street, but you seem to be the kind of people that walk past and give us a dirty look, which beleive me is never appreciated.

All my friends are welcome in my house, whether they are wearing a cheap nike hoody and are drinking cheap beer and have their eyebrows peirced, or they are flamboyantly gay and are listening to Madonna. Or they are bedecked entirly in black and have Job For A Cowboy on their Ipods.
Now in your little world this must mak no sense whatso ever, that a so called “****” would even consider being friends with a homosexual and a heavy metal fanatic?
But this is because you do not know these people in the slightest.
Yes they’ve been in prison, yes they get into fights, but that doesnt stop them being the loyalist of friends, people that will see my mother in the street and help her carry her shopping home, these people who you judge that have had battered childhoods that the school system and adults have given up on are actually still people.
So please next time you think about reaching out your filthy tar brush to stain people you dont even know, think about the 15 year old in his adidas hoody and fake burberry wearing big gold rings carrying a empty can of beer sitting next to me on my sofa watching loose women with me an my mum and eating a cake him and my other mates had just helping my mum make.

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