Effingham- Guildford’s ****

South EastSurrey

This place you may not have heard of, and good reason. It sucks! This is partly because there is nothing to do there, but mainly due to ******* and *****. Two murders have occoured in the infamous Dirtham lane since 2004, one by ******* in february 2005 and the other by ***** in july 2004. Effingham is 3 train stops from Guildford, and it is a key **** hangout. My friend and I were attacked recently by some 20-year-old ***** at the station; they punched and threw seats from the train at us. We then legged it, and then… (and im NOT making this up), one of them went to a bush and picked up an AXE. Yes, an axe. A chopper. Simply untolerable. Every time I drive home from the station (a 3 minute drive) at least 1 **** is guarenteed to be seen on the pavement, usually rowdy and feeling very *****.

So anyway, basically Effingham is a boring village worsened by an astounding presence of *****, mainly coming from the legendary Guildford and nearby Horsley, the home of the “rich ****”. This leads me to conclude that you should not go there unless you want to **** up some *****.

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