North EastYorkshire

Easingwold is a small chaver town 13 miles from York,

this place has a large number of c**v’s, they congregate at a local gathering spot usually referred to as ‘Down Town’ this is in the market place. There are many groups of C**v’s, there is one particular group called the ‘tom ball’ group, There is this one guy, Tom Ball, suprisingly, who leads the C**v’s, his followers are usually referred to as the ‘cronies’ he has the usual ‘c**v’ characteristics, burbnerry, tracksuit bottoms, ‘rockports’ Carbrini Jackets etc. the list goes on!! Another C**v, is Barry, AKA Boom Boom! another magnet of bling and lots of other things ‘c**v’ oh and the usual ‘towny’ attire.

Another hang out spot for the c**v’s is the slip down the back of Barclays bank, usually c**v’s can be seen here drinking the witch excrement. AKA, yep you’ve guessed it, Cider!!

These C**v’s thrive off the stuff, more than 3 nights a week i would say. They mostly communicate with each other through nicknames,

C**v’s that DRIVE!!

the main one, SPANDEX – nickname, a little crazy i know but, hey you’ve never been to Easingwold.

Common phrases used – “Wot You Jannin’ at ya CRANK??” – “orrrrrrrrr” – “i’ll fuc**n knock you out man”

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