Living in Dunoon, Scotland
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Scotland

Dunoon, a place where people far and wide visited as chosen holiday destination “back in the day”. Booming Tourism and full of life and nice people. Then now. In the last decade or so the local Council thought it’d be “good” to stick all the Junkies from Greenock and Clydebank into Dunoon to help them get back on track with their “lives”.

As the houses are lined up with Junkies and criminals from across the water, this “nice little town” is no longer one. Despite the obvious lack of things to do in the town unless your a pensioner, Dunoon falls into probably the most boring places to live in. Also with several murders already in the year of 2014 (it being August now). I’m sure theres still a couple more to come this year in this “nice town”.

So as the council decides to build another housing scheme in the Ardenslate area to stuff more junkies in, the future is looking grim. As Violence erupts between the drug dealers so well placed by the council, and as they continue to scrounge benefits and stab eachother over drugs … The town isn’t looking great. And also as one out of 6 of dunoon’s sectors falls into the top 100 of Scotlands highest crime rate sectors (bearing in mind there is thousands of sectors spread across Scotland) again we see the true colours of the town.

As crime and deprivation aswell as boredom rises within the town, it will add to the cess pit it already is. And yes the older generation of the town thinks it is still 1960 and that everything is ok, but it’s far from the truth. With a high school that looks good but continues to deliver awful results , the new breed of Dunoon arseholes is being created. As unemployment and boy racer cars become more frequent, I wonder if they can mess this place up any more than it already is – So Argyll council, good job!

  • Erica Hendry

    What illiterate fool wrote this? You need a proof reader!

  • Kaizer

    That’s the most biased peace of “journalism” I’ve ever read.

    ” As the houses are lined up with Junkies and criminals”… They are families.
    ” the new breed of Dunoon arseholes is being created.”… That’s your kids.

    agree with some of the points made but this is obviously just some
    closed minded (anonymous) c**t having a moan rather than coming up with
    any solution or suggestions why the council might have done what they
    did and what they might do to resolve your issues.

    Thou i can’t find any actual crime statistics to site I’ve observed personally dunoon has not became the new compton since 2014.

    a theory that suggested that potentiating the idea that a place is a
    “cess pit” might make it into one because post like this make “Booming
    Tourism” and ” nice people” stop coming…

    Just thought i’d share my opinion.

  • Scotland 4ever

    What a load of shite. Some utter ass who has no clue. No one cares what you spew “anonymous”. Crawl back to the hole you came from.

  • Tin Tin

    Eh? Wanna back up these statements with some facts…