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New Age, the only Night club in Dover, The Eight Bells good old JD spooney given the kiddies a means to an ends, Macey Dees, because ***** need food, and the kebab shops just sell eyebrows.

I am new to this place called Dover, Being in Dover I have met about 40 different varieties of ****, from yeah but no but, to the tracksuit in sock boyscout look a likes, to the vodka swilling baby gold chain wearing 12 year old going on 40. Must admit, its an interesting experience, especially when you go out for a cool night out looking for small little London like dives, with cool music. So far I have come across the New age. A quaint little hang out with wall to wall sick boys and girls who look like they have a permo pennis that needs instant access to their super G-string Jean-O-Matics tm.

Top 10 worst places to live in England 2021