North EastYorkshire

well what can I say. You’ve seen it. Heard it and cheesed of with it.
Doncaster is….yes indeed…. a chavvy place to live. You only need to go out into town at night. Watch as the local beauties (flabby flesh pouring out from over tight short skirts….aging 60+ somethings in kids gear…one tries to look like Brittany Spears…GOD AWFUL sight…[laughs] and the guys…well…white shirts..pref footy shirts…they all go about and do a puke about from pub to pub and harrass just about everybody who isn’t or looks like a nob. Arseholes tearing down the high street with toilet pipe exhaust fittings , under car lighting…the same ******* noise boooming out – windows down/bling-along-a-max…jeez its endless and whats with the flags…yes we all know that you may support England but why buy out the whole bloody shop and slap in on your car/ your house, fence, dog, bike!! Pram!!!….etc. Saw one poor nob who had a chocolate block sized ring come knuckle duster….what a nob…yes NOB!! is probably the word that can best describe these NOBS without insulting intelligent lifeforms…**** earings bad tans and clothing styles..always the tracksuit and a cap…seedy.
In two words…STAY OUT!!………..oh by the way ‘I can’t wait to get out myself and will be doing soon…but by the other postings I will have to be very choosy as to where to go…its looking more like a scene from DAWN of the DEAD….oops sorry to all the Zombies out there did’nt mean to insult you.

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