Living in Wales
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Wales

Having moved to Llanwrtyd Wells in Powys, Wales from Cheshire for the pull of 20 acres of land for my horses I made the biggest mistake of my life and spent 5 years in a living hell. Yes its beautiful but some of the people let it down – not least those who should know better. Powys County Council [allegedly] employ people who like to discriminate against the English. County Councillors who [allegedly] only support Welsh residents, and those in charge of noise nuisance working at the council actually [allegedly] lying over the noise suffered and finally, planning departments who [allegedly] charge one rate for the English to build a structure for horses – but who say that the same barn for Welsh people comes under agriculture, thereby exempting it from planning.

Then there are the MP’s and the Assembly Ministers who also do nothing to help – despite [allegedly] knowing what is occurring and thereby allowing the discrimination to continue.

Estate agents who lie to your face [no ‘allegedly’ needed here -Ed] and legal professionals who [allegedly] take your money for doing no work.

Don’t be lured by the scenery and the cheap prices – its not worth the damage to your health.

  • Richard Lewis

    typical imperialist comment….England is a dead empire now

  • Richard Lewis

    Farmers get a barn discount – not you in a small holding…that is the law……they just happen to be Welsh….you are looking for anti-Englishness where there is none

    Powys is incredibly anglicsed anyway….its language beaten out of its kids in schools many years ago (read about the Welsh Not)

  • Richard Lewis

    Wales is a colonised nation that never had the guts to declare independence and make its own wealth………… what do you expect? Ice cream and kisses? These people are lost and waking up to the exploitation the communities suffered for 800 years

  • Kathy

    it has been my dream all of my life to move to Wales and now I can – I realise it is not what I expected. Anymore opinions would be helpful. I am looking at Penrhyndeudrath near Portmadog?

  • Anon

    Modern Racism? It’s ok if you target only the English.

    After all…they deserve it…..after eveything their ancestors did…..right? 😉

  • David Murphy

    Well I remember staying in Machynlleth a few years ago and saw anti-English graffiti everywhere with the bizarre accusation we were “stealing” their water! Turned me off the place as they all make a bee line for London and South East to get work and and I might say Taffy a WARM WELCOME.

    • Richard Lewis

      England pays nothing for the water thats worth a huge amount

    • Richard Lewis

      “we were stealing their water”…you’re surname is Irish and you use “we” as if you are the queen….get over haha