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temple hill

“You will never find a more wretched hive of **** and villany, you must be cautious”

obi-wan kenobi (Alec Guiness) – star wars 1977

That one quote roughly sums up temple hill

There are gangs of **** kids, who in their infinite wisdom feel obligated to cause crime so they can obtain a criminal record, which us normal people would try to avoid… they literally do **** in front of the police just so they can get arrested, these ideals defy all manner of rational thought and logic

The square

ok you got a fish and chip shop here, which sells manky chips i wouldnt even feed a stray dog, because the taste so rough

a laundrette, only because most temple hill-billys cant afford a washing machine

The bakers, not a bad lil place realy, shame about there location

The library????? when most of the population of temple is illiterate, it doesnt make sense… lol heres a true story, I went into that library a little while back and got a couple of books out, I was sat on a bench and some ********* come over and said ” wots dat?” i said a book, they promptly said “wots dat for den”, I laughed to myself and walked away

The co-op.. now heres another recent story, I was in there the other week and some ugly she-male **** come in with around 5 kids, all the usual names were there chanell, chantelle and so-on… while I was in the queue I was eves-dropping their convo, the youngest must have been about 6 was yammering on about wanting to shag his teacher, now when i was six if I’d have said something like that I would’ve been given a slap of my parents, just shows how much this country is crumbling

ok The housing:

Typical council estate style, lot’s of flats and poorly designed houses

I would say around 75% of the houses have one of the folling in garden
1: busted fridge
2: car engine
3: bath-tub

Very rarely do you ever see nice gardens, except for one that i can remember, some old guy owned it and he had the foresight to cover his garden with wire fencing, looks wierd horozontally, but the last thing he wants is some ****** **** killing his prized flowers

thats it for today

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