This sad **** hole of a place is full of two of the lowest forms of humans in the world. The first group are the ****’s who are fat and loud. Driving around in their huge Mercs, these ******* have to let everyone know that they are here, and they are annoying.
The second group is the royalty of human ****, *****. Walking around as if they own the town (when in reality they own very little) these little **** kickers rob, steal and laze about all day. I have often seen them walking through the town centre with their numerous pasty eating kids. You can see them coming out of the world crappiest nightclub, the Mardi Gras. Its like a combination of a farm and a zoo, only the animals get to leave after 2.00am.
Here are a number of observations:
Why do they all eat Greggs pasties and nothing else?
Why do so many of them have bikes, when their diets consist of chips, burgers and pasties. Are they trying to burn the fat off?
Why do they look like they havent bathed in weeks?Why do they leave home when they are only 14 years old?
Have they never heard of contraceptives?

To anyone who is thinking of coming to Darlington, forget it. Its the centre of Chavadom and the whole place is full of ingorant, racist ******* who love to drink, **** and smoke and raise little ******* kids (who in turn will rob you, me,……)

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