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DevonSouth West

I cannot believe that this sorry excuse of a town hasn’t been mentioned on here already.¬† With a population of around 7,000 people its no wonder they turn to a life of chavism! The town is on the outskirts of Exeter, its made up of wannabe c***s and chavettes. everyone sleeps with everyone, the women just have kids and did I mention that they seem to all sleep with their mothers, brothers, sisters etc.The worrying thing must be for the people of Exeter, cos these c***s are moving onto their patch.

Next you have the little boys with their suped up ‘Novas’ and racing around with their baseball caps on and tops off giving s**t to people as they walk by. Nothing is safe unless its nailed down and then the s**m manage to still find a way to nick it. Everyone knows everyone and its like an open house invitation cos noone knocks they¬† just walk right in. The highlight of the week is the karaoke hosted in the swan by some fat bird who clearly needs to stop singing and start exercising.

They all seem to love fighting, but never with their hands they always hide behind weapons, or blame the 13 year old down the road.

All in all a miserable chavy run down excuse for what could be a nice place.

Oh, if you want to fit in with the ‘local c***s’ just remember to call it Kirtonville, you mightfeel more at home.

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