Chavs. What can I say? They are taking over Corby, much to the distress of the rapidly diminishing half- decent population. Corby has always received a bad press but this new breed of scum has made Corby’s general image hit an all time low.

Hang outs? Well, our ‘lovely’ town centre is a favourite haunt, along with our disused bus station (a replacement is long overdue, Tops Estate!) Outside these areas, the deprived Lincoln and Kingswood estates, which have crumbled into sorry decaying heaps over the past few decades ( note I say ‘decades’ not ‘years’), are also Chavster favourites. Here they gather to drink, eat their chips, swap their girlfriends and boyfriends among themselves and scare the OAP’s of the area witless with their threatening image and spectacular swearing.

It’s not easy being a young Pink Floyd fan amongst this bunch. In fact, it is difficult to have a coherent conversation with most of them. Conversation topics range from whatever utter rubbish is ‘gracing’ the Top 40 to whatever ‘celebrity’ is in the Big Brother house. These discussions are punctuated with inappropriate ‘likes’ and ‘yeah buts.’

Goths and grungers are usually the main targets of the Chavs in this town. Whenever a gig is held at the Willow’s Art Centre in the town, it more often than not culminates in a bust up of some description.

On the plus side, our market stalls are thriving due to the fact the they sell fake Burberry baseball caps extremely cheaply!

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Top 10 worst places to live in England 2018

What can you say? The town that made Chav a way of life. Ginger fright-wigs, Kappa tracksuits and Celtic tops are everywhere, and that is just at the weddings and funerals. The only town that can bost that it has price-wars between Aldi and Lidl, and Elizabeth Duke offer interest-free finance.

On the positive side, there is no prostitution because if you can’t get laid in Corby a hooker will turn you down flat. The only payment required might be that you have to beat her in an arm wrestle, or hold her coat while she fights off a rival with a sharpened steel comb.

The best time to visit Corby is when feeling completely worthless and depressed. You will leave feeling better about yourself because within 5 minutes you will have seen dozens of Chavs worth far less than yourself (unless you’ve been mugged for your Nikes).

Top 10 worst places to live in England 2018

full of scally bastards, burberry cap wearing c***s, on every corner of every part of the town, strutting about with their socks tucked into their tracky bottoms, c***s!!! they even have there own accent in corby, its bad enough that the majority of the corby population is scottish, but they have added an extra twang to it, f**k me its so annoying. people driving through corby are bombarded by chav f**k wits they actually pap it after one minute and drive straight out the other end, and as for wearing a sovereign on every finger, whats that all about, there is just no need!!! these cancerous w*****s are running riot in corby, in my opinion you should all be thrown into a hole in the ground, have lorry loads of acid tipped on you, so we can all rejoice in the sick slaughtering ( but humerous at the same time) killing of scally c***s!! we must all stick together and rid the world of these ridiculous addition to the human race

Top 10 worst places to live in England 2018