Confronted! Southampton

I will admit years ago I made a mistake. I am an enthusiastic gamer, as an enthusiastic gamer, I bought myself a GBA (or Game Boy Advance) which kept me company on some long business trips to Birmingham and Wales. I am also not the tallest person ever, measuring at five feet three inches. Rugby had built my frame to an impressive fourteen stone.

My mistake was to play my GBA walking home to what I thought was a rather nice area of Southampton. Turning into the penultimate road on my way home, I bumped into some ***** who decided it would be nice to hurl abuse at me. Now I had a long day, and was not willing to take this kind of abuse. I turned around and crossed the street moving towards the group of idiots who swore at me. Immediately targeting the biggest one (I surmised he was the leader of the group) I said

“Do you have a problem with me playing my Game Boy?”

How grim is your Postcode?

The boy looked rather confused and moved back a couple of steps as I approached

“Do you have a problem with me playing my Game Boy” I repeated again slower. (So he would understand)

“No mate” the **** said.

“So which one of you was it who was shouting across the street at me?”

“Him” Pointing to their smallest friend. Knowing that it wasn’t the one I went round the group and asked them in turn if they had a problem with me or me playing my GBA. After several no’s I decided that was enough. I promptly told them if they had a problem with me then they should say it to my face, turned, and left them to consider their options. I haven’t had any trouble since.

I can remember laughing as I turned into my street. I learned that day that most ***** were cowards who even a group of five ***** would not stand up to a pissed off five foot three inch man.

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