Coalville, the delightful Jimmy Dean’s

East MidlandsLeicestershire

ive posted this town before and mentioned something of this nightclub too.

about a year ago i was involved in an incident where a group of local scratters decided they would kick the crap out of me n my bro. charges were pressed and in the last year we have heard them bragging about this 10-2 encounter to people, attempt to deny all involvement face to face with my bro, crap their pants when i see one of them in the street alone and last but not least one of them had the audacity to apologise to me last night almost a year after and not long before he goes down.

now if i was in their position where i had inflicted injury to a person on a night out i would admit my wrong doing, get a lighter sentence in the process and not waste everyones time going through the courts etc. not these chavvy twats all pleaded not guilty to start with, only 3 were identified, then one pleads guilty and the other two still admit they did it but are trying to get away with it. stop wasting our time you fools you know your going down just admit it. arrrraaaagggghhhh!!!!

sorry for that rant a little frustrated.

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