clayton, manchester

Greater ManchesterNorth West

Well i’ve lived in Clayton for quite a few years and started to realise how many ***** have invaded. 14-21 years old ***** are causing havoc on the streets of Clayton, and getting every 14-year-old ******** (female ****) pregnant!! It seems girls think that being pregnant is fashion… where do they get this information?!?! They can barely afford to look after themselves, they all live in council houses, with their parents on the dole and end up being kicked out because their pregnant to someone they don’t know! This means they end up living in a pregnant house for girls who have children or are pregnant and have no where to live. This place is situated in the main hang out of the s**gs! The chavettes consist of wearing designer rip off, market clothes, with old worn out Rockport boots, fake gold huge earrings and loads of rings, and they actually think they look gud. The ***** on the otha hand (male) consist of wearing Nike TN trainers and hat and a lacoste tracksuit. These HARD lads do the entire running around for the MAIN HEADS in Clayton or so they like to think! Many people seem to know CMD in Clayton, these are a group of lads who go to the boxing club on north road, because they do this they seem to think they need to be RESPECTED! But no only do these lads do very little – work wise but they cannot fight without weapons, so why do they waste their time trying to box? Another group of lads who tried to get a name for themselves is X SECURITY but not only are these a bunch of wimps they also don’t know what work is either! So a usual week for the *****, chavettes and their chavlings is a trip to Clayton post office on Monday morning, where they queue from eight o clock just to collect their benefits. They then take a trip to town market where they buy their VON BITCH top, rip off of Von Dutch, and then they go shoplifting from Primark. They then come home and go to Asda for their weekly shop of Lambrini. Which they save for Friday night to get absolutely paralytic, start smashing bottles and sleeping with otha *****, and amazingly another chavling is created! Seems amazing that they risked putting the Manchester city stadium so close to Clayton and Beswick for that matter.
So have fun visiting, i’m sure u’ll enjoy all the action, who needs soaps?

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