Chichester, West Sussex

Well unfortunately i moved here about three years ago. When I first arrived it was tolerable, being a person who listens to heavy and extreme metal and dress appropiately, i never used to get any grief. That was because people who dress like myself over-ruled the **** population. Until now. They hang around the cross drinking shouting out drunken “insults” such as Goth, Satan or their favourite word Greebo!
Thats the adults. Then you got the mini-*****. They tend to hang outside the One-Stop asking people to go get them ****. Nine times out of ten to no avail.
Then they have a cheek to take the piss out of the way we dress. Fair enough but if u are going to do so please untuck your socks from your whatever branded trousers, and if you have to wear those ****** burberry hats make sure there not at an obscure angle that defies gravity. Also I think the ***** will find out that our clothes are a lot more expensive than there crappy clothes.
Oh and i seriously think the crime rate has risen in Chichester quite substantially in the last three years.
New **** chant for you: “Up the ASBOs up the ASBOs.

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