Chatham….yet again.

KentSouth East

yet again the origin home town of the C**v. Where their o so classy and rather distinctive fashion sense and what they think is “wiked”…”innit” is actually seen as normal?!(ill never understand that..thankfully!) and where suddenly a baby is seen as a excelent pulling technique because of corse why didnt us sane people realise! blokes love having crying babies (plastered in more gold “bling” than their body weight) around them 24/7….and then theres their extremely “individual” vocabulary! which includes words which have had such brain power used to form them they dont even have definitions! shows how stupid we are compared to them…anway…since earlier this year there has been no “so-called” improvement of which we have been promised since as long as i can remeber. its stil the same skanky place were if u even sit down on the floor you will catch AIDS or HIV or some other uncureable disease…like chavsypstomioniosis (when good sane people are converted by the pressure of the ever-growing population of c***s around kent!) well theres more i can say but ill save that for a later “description” of the wonder that is medway!

Top 10 worst places to live in England 2019