Frome: Trapped in Vegan Hell

Frome used to be a cute place to visit years ago. Not now. Now it’s been ******** with Londoners and their feral children. Everywhere you go you will smell them. One of the worst things is the monthly “market” where people lose all ability to drive and park for one day. They will park on Junctions, your drives, even on top of your poor nana if it means they can get their hemp cake for £25 A slice quicker.

I Used to love Argos until it moved to a small cupboard in Sainsbury’s. Nothing in stock. Pointless. B&m is a miserable experience. Only mention these two shops because thats the only normal ones left. Let’s move to Victoria park. Dated sh*t play equipment full of feral kids every day. Mum just sits on the other side of the park with her extra short fringe and smelly vegan stuff, while her kids run all over yours.

Last but not least, let’s talk about where to buy your drugs. Ecos Court is the place to be. Weed available in every garden, crack/smack available from one or two flats and houses.

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