Camberley and surrounding Chavlets

South EastSurrey

Camberley is no longer a Conservative heart land it is now a chav heart land too. Although if you looked on a map and found Camberley you would find it situated in the affluent county of Surrey. Don’t be deceived, Camberley is in prime location of chav strong holds. To the North East is the well known chav town/city of Bracknell, and to the South West is one of the chaviest towns in the UK, Aldershot (Aldershite as the local’s refer to it). Camberley is also surrounded by neighbouring chalet’s such as Frimley, Frimley Green, Deepcut and Farnborough; each well known for harbouring chavs and chavettes in their thousands.

Camberley is the focal point for chavs to meet both during school time (as they never go) or after (when they are joined by little wanna be chavs). Camberley is certainly geared up for chavs and has a wide selection of their favourite shops such as: Argos (which not only supplies them with their cheap gold plated jewellery, but openly employs them too), both JJB and JD Sport (which offer a wide selection of the latest TN’s, Rebook classics, academic trackies and many more chav clothing). Camberley has now seem fit to keep up with the demand of the ever increasing chav population by building a second McDonalds. A restaurant that is well know to be used as a initiation temple in order to join the chav movement. Every weekend wanna be chav and chavettes will queue up outside this restaurant to yell abuse or steel resulting in a ban. Once band the chavs and chavettes can finally be allowed to join this sum movement.

Although Camberley is the focal point of chav activity, it is not where most chavs live. The neighbouring towns of Frimley and Frimley Green especially are where many chavs go after 5.30 when the shops close and they can’t try to look hard with there cheap looking hoodies and stupid burberry caps, steal or shop for bling or chav wear.

Frimley Green especially is a huge hive of Chav activity after 5.30, as many chav return home to their free government grant council house’s. Frimley Green also caters well for chavs and has a wide range of nightlife for both the young and old such as: the Pond. (the Pond has long been a favour haunt where many chav and chavettes go to get laid, stoned or drunk), Tesco’s chav X (express) where many chav and chavettes shop for much needed items such as cider, rizzler, lighters or if it’s a really special occasion vodka, and if Tesco’s chav X doesn’t have it fear not as Chav Stop (One Stop) which can also be found in Frimley Green will no doubt have it and at a bargain rate.

A Chav wouldn’t be a chav without his dun up shity rusty Nova, which he thinks is the nuts. Farnborough gate is where many such chavs and their 12-16year old pregnant chavette girlfriends go to show off their piles of rusty s**t, and is a Chav’s answer to ’Pimp my ride’ or as they would put it, ’Chav my Nova’. Though being an affluent area, Novas or Escorts are not the choice of car anymore, and many Chavs now drive Corsa’s, 606’s and Saxo’s instead (obviously they receive more government money due to the higher living cost of the area)

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