Brynmawr , South east valleys , Wales

Well what can be said about Brynmawr? it’s full of cretinous wildlife known as *****. Congregation usually takes place around the old cinema in the town centre which hordes some of the most arrogant and downright wastes of space I have ever seen. Most days I have to walk past them in their gangs of between 10 and 30 with ages ranging from 13-20 to get to band practise , and most days I get the usual barrage of abuse , most commonly used are the words “Goff”,”Goffick”,”Sweaty” and “mosher” , Oh and the obligatory “Go and cut your wrists you emo” , Yes , because i wear jeans and a black hoodie and have a few tattoos I cut my wrists , well done you absolute waste of oxygen! I really do think these dole arses and ****** kids should be thrown out to sea and never ever rescued. It makes me sick to the stomach when I look at my wage slip to see that the tax im paying is supporting these layabouts to be able to hang around places like this and hurl abuse at honest , working citizens like myself. Be gone **** ****!!!

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