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Basically, this place is ‘the place’ as most chavs would say as they cant expand they vocabulary further then that or abusive language. Bracknell is a s******e no matter what anyone says. It has its nice parts but thats still surrounded with chavs as mummy and daddy have too much money to buy their kids ‘ecko tracksuits’ and ‘tims’ so that makes it easier for them to fit in. As you walk through the town centre you can bet the security from princess square will be chasing some low life nicking the dummy phones from phone shops to try and sell as if they were real or some skanky girl trying to steal razors from Superdrug to try and pay for her next fix. The police are constantly monitoring all areas. And this wonderful, pleasant place is proud of its newspaper ‘The Bracknell News’ with headlines such as ‘Young teen rapes pensioner’ ‘girl rape’ ‘girl rape’ girl rape’ ‘Old man takes young girls in to woods’ i mean how much better can bracknell get? The chavs love it! Loads of big fields and corners to hang around to drink their litre vodka or if they’re not that ‘cool’ their white lightning. They beat up tramps but is that purely for the reason that they are taking their credit for being the biggest skanks going? I wonder?? Not that they would understand any of this as they proberly can only read ‘um meet me@mine in2mins, cnt w8 42nite, guna b sweet’ oh well, the intelligence of today!

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