Bournemouth – Taking back the streets

HampshireSouth East

People, even what most would call “normal” working class peoples, are always going on about how goths and emos etc. should stop being so pathetic. But the problem we’re having is, goths and emos shouldn’t be classified anymore. We all see, that no matter who you are, yur social group is always outnumbered by the ever increasing population of c**v s**m on our streets. I see it this way. There are two main social classes, c***s, and not-c***s. People like us are a dying breed, keeping to what small pockets of society we have left. In a recent government announcement, it was learned that the assholes called the gov, have in fact given up on today’s near-working or young working class genrations and are focussing on the next generation of youths, improving schools etc. What they fail to realise is that half, if not most, of the next generation are already piss drinking, violent shitbags that are c***s. All the government are doing now is taking a big steaming crap on those of us in this generation that care. So henceforth, I’m restarting the Regime. Many a time, i have been jumped while walking from A to B by a group of c***s, often being outnumbered by 3, even 5 to one. I don’t approve of violence, but hey, they’re not really people, right? So I take an active interest in sending them running in tears, those that can still move anyway. The Regime is probably the best idea i’ve had for executing the said interest. So here’s my advice. Get a group of friends, get them to get their friends, and begin deterring c***s from doing what they do. Already here in bournemouth, some shops won’t sell ANYTHING to those not dressed in a manner that says “I’m gonna beat the s**t out of you for no reason, innit.” I just wish more places were like that…

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