boscombe….we are slowly takeing it back !!!

DorsetSouth West

well about bloody time too is what i say…..okay so we had to endure years of **** being what is known as the opera house….well finealy it is now being used for live bands/music etc …ok i know there still holding slinky there ….BUT !!! we are wining as bournemouth/boscombe is starting to get back to being more altnative etc as we have more metal alt music bands comein this way now…..
and as for boscombe being chavy well it may b …if ya looking for em…i dont see em…im always down the beach thats why i live 5mins from boscombe pier !!!!!!!! and love it loads …..mind u if any1 brakes in they will have me to deal with so i hope it never comes to that !!!

mind u i hate bournemouth on a friday/sat night time in town by the ozzie bar man it sucks every 1 is trying to hit what ever moves its funny to watch but they are all ways blow ins from london etc that start fights cos they think they are hard cos they have had a few ….why WHY….YA OUT TO ENJOY YA SELF U TWATS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …..i supose cos of my thai boxing im always watchin around me and any sign of a fight im gona out like a shot im not gona go out on a night out and end up in a fight why what is the point …dame london chavy typs.
and why do all these gangs up london way think its so cool to go out a shot who ever ????? have they no brains at all ????? what is with that ????

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