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Dear all, I feel it important to bring to your attention the reason why the NHS has no money, and that reason is *****. 

I work in many NHS buildings around South Sefton including the above areas (See Title) and I have to tell you that what I see is unbelievable.  On one occasion I was sitting in a Walk In Centre when all of a sudden a girl (YES GIRL NOT WOM|AN) walked in with three children, all of them covered in the usual **** snot and *****.  The girl made her way to the reception desk and asked is she could “See the ****** Quack, the little bastards have got nits”.  I informed the young lady…er….no young girl that the walk in centre was not for ‘Nits’ and that she can only see a nurse who cannot prescribe anything for her.  The young girl then replied “Im only ****** 17 and am on the benefits like, cants ya sort something” To which I replied “No, call your own GP and talk to him” but then I made the fatal error of informing the young girl that she can buy treatment for head lice over the counter.  Now people around this area don’t realise that you can BUY things from the chemist and that a prescription is not needed for many things.  This young girl must of then been hit with an excessive amount of gamma rays and transformed into ‘YOUNG ABUSIVE MUM ****’ Cutting a long story short, I was accused of “Being a ****** ****” and was informed that “I was an owl ****” She then stormed off, but not before her spawn had managed to put as many of the walk in toys in the pram as possible.  This is one story of many I could write, but I hope this gives you a flavour of the **** N.H.S.

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Thank you.

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