Blackrod -Bolton

I live in a little town called Blackrod which is a suburb of the **** capital Bolton.  Our ***** are the kind that don’t have to claim dole as mummy and daddy pays for it all. They buy thier clothes at Hurleys and Mccy D’s does a roaring trade.  The favourite haunt is the local bus stop and why not they have a roof, a seat, a noise which they call music blasting tinnily from their top of the range mobiles, a light on and the offy is on the corner theres an Indian take away for when they get bored,(as then they buy chips and throw them at passer by) and there are loads of people they can ask to buy thier **** and cider. Once seated in the bus stop the younger ********* will shout at passing cars and try to flag any suspect **** chariots down.  They only come out after dark which is a little suspect I believe they wait until its their bedtime and then shin down drainpipes etc.
They are all the same year after year they dont grow up- How do they do this? Is being a **** the way to go forever young?

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