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Mentioned in a comment on a couple of articles in Birmingham areas, there is an element of far right-wing parties such as the BNP, NF and UKIP gaining a high number of votes in elections. Here is a break-down of **** areas and the number of votes gained in the 2004 local election and 2005 general election by far-right parties there:

Stechford/Kitts Green: In the 2004 election, this area comes under three parts: Stechford and Yardley North, Hodge Hill and Shard End. The results of the BNP and UKIP for Hodge Hill were 1 420 for the BNP, and 1 644 for the UKIP. It’s likely the votes came from the rough Bromford Bridge and Firs estate. For Shard End, the BNP polled 997 votes, this was 11 fewer than the Conservative candinate who finished 4th and more than a Lib Dem candinate, and this was with ONE candninate, and the UKIP candinate polling 729 votes, ahead of two Lib Dem candinates and two Conservative candinates. This is through a high element of support in the Kitts Green area. In Yardley North and Stechford, the BNP polled 1 339 votes to finish a distant 4th ahead of the Labour and Conservative parties, where one of the Labour candinates went on to become the MP for Birmingham Hodge Hill which covers all three of these wards. Worrying isn’t it?. However in this year’s election. the BNP polled 1 500 votes which was enough to win their deposit, and had a very invisible campaign.

All three of the mentioned areas have a white population of about 85-90%, and racist attacks are almost unheard off, however the parliamentray district of Hodge Hill covers the asian area of Alum Rock yet the BNP managed to do well.

The most worrying results come from the **** area of Kingstanding. in the 2004 council elections, all three far-right partiers stood for election and all three did worrying well. the BNP finished fourth with 994 votes, some 300 behind the 3rd place candinate who was elected into the council, UKIP polled 830 votes ahead of a Conservative and Lib Dem candinate, while the National Front who is the most extreme polled 639 votes, which was enough to gain back their deposit and finished above two Lib Dems and a Green candinate.

This area has an element of far-right support. Non-white familes are often hounded out of their homes, and are ridiculed in the street with a barrage of abuse. This place gives **** the real meaning, and is an eyesore to visit. Yet fortunately, none of the far right parties, stood in the 2005 general election where it comes under Perry Barr, hence why there was 55% turnout in that ward.

Erdington in this years general election had all three standing together with the NF finishing last, the UKIP performing poorly and the BNP just missing out on winning back their deposit. Thankfully, the sane voters of the area chose wisely by ignoring the far-right.

There were healthy showings for the BNP in Northfield and Sheldon last year, and in the rich **** captial of Sutton Coldfield, the BNP polled just 325 votes and finished bottom in one of its wards. The BNP got a worrying amount of votes in Northfield’s parliamentry constuiency too.

The question is, why? A lot of ***** listen to rap music such as 50 cent, Jay-Z and the like and R and B music such as Beyonce and Usher. These are all sung and performed by black artists, but doesn’t the BNP dislike anybody who is non-white?

Are these people that thick and stupid to realise what the BNP stands for? Yes they are anti-immigration, but they are anti-black too. What about some of the off-licences in Sechford that are owned by Asian’s, surely voting for them means their shops getting shut, so these prats cant get pissed on cheap cider and ****?

Having looked at the BNP manifesto to help this article, I have noticed the following passage on law and order:

“We will return, so far as conditions permit, to traditional foot and bicycle patrol policing and reduce reliance on police cars.”

Even the National Front is just as hard on the same thing.

Surely that means, some of these ***** will not be able to cause trouble again because of more coppers around? Surely this means, that they are voting to get them off the streets and in trouble with the police? It makes you wonder.

Perhaps the real reason these ***** are voting for them is because they are fed up of immigrants denying Trish Trish her £500 baby bond or a fake incapacity claim? They feel vote for them and I’ll get more money..which is just stupid.

This is one of life’s mystery’s and the only reason why these facists are doing well is because they are upset that other people are stopping them from sponging off the state, just because the greedy gets want more.

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