Birmingham and Worcester

Why is it that I cant go out in Birmingham or Worcester without running into a sea of Burberry Hats, Adidas Tracksuits, Nike Shocks and trousers tucked into socks! Not to mention the ‘Bling’ they seem to find necessary?

No wonder people feel threatened these days, ASBOs have gone threw the roof and these little barsteds are taking over.

And what is it about McChavies…sorry McDonalds is there a magnet in there that sucks them to stand outside the door? Its a palace to them, do they worship in there? but saying that there never in there just outside…obviusly the no smoking things a big thing to them.

How grim is your Postcode?
And the Chavetts my godlove your flabby belly ******* out that top that you struggled to get into this morning is not attractiveits actually quite nauseating. Pink really isnt your colour and these earrings that they wereany bigger and Lassie would be jumping threw them.

And why the flabby belly ******* out? i know you’ve had ten kids love but ome on you’ve earnt (and i use that word loosely) enough benifits to get some larger trousers. If not the benifits one of your babys daddies paying maintinence could help. 

Why do they all think that they are all that and so hard when its so obvious that one smack in the nose and there crying there eyes out at home and launching a law suit against you. The one run in with a **** I have had ended very badly for him and I think I embarrassed him in front of his little friends.

And the last thing I promise is why do they balance there hats on the very top of there headsin case the pea for a brain trys to escape…the mystery continues.

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